A busy mind hard at work
The Author's Purpose

I'm writing a book and in I go.
Even the wife cannot find me.
I'm out of the here and now, so
If I'm needed, come see what I see.

I live in the world I write for you.
I am painting a picture by words.
If I can see it, you will, too.
I'm into wolves and old Wizards.

I carry the sword; I weave the rest.
I am good with a cop and a Colt.
I ride strong studs, out in the west,
Tin cans in space, in darkness untold.

I hunt for treasure in temples old,
Fight off the bandits one handed.
All it takes is a room full of gold,
And a team of explorers banded.

There are creatures unseen from the pale
And history oft' hides them away
But I live with them and share their tale
You will be amazed, and want to stay.

I am alarmed at their misfortune,
Glad for determination and heart.
See the paths in the light of the moon,
Before me out there, eager to start.

A writer must live in the tales he tells,
Else the picture will be sorrily faint.
A reader must read and feel the spells,
As the mind is drawn into the paint.

In truth, you can go deep in a book,
Ride the story for as long as you dare.
Funny enough, you'll carry a look,
A smudge of paint here, another there!

©2022 G. Weldon Tucker-gweldontucker.com
Free to copy and share, but leave my name!

There are those who enjoy the discovery of other's mistakes to the point of sheer ecstasty!
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