Representing artists, businesses, writers, and creative individuals as a place to show their skills, sell their products and develop their market. Check back often. The list grows and shrinks with the individual's sometimes temporary situation.

At present, we represent, on or offsite:

Author, G. Weldon Tucker (Since 1999)
The PEAC System, Profile Assessment for Communication & Employment
Robert H. Stokes, Artist, Illustrator, Portraits (Temporarily suspended)
Kodi Kilgore Illustrator of Children's Books (Temporarily suspended)
Personnel Services Training:
M. K. Lingham Personal and Portait Artist (Temporarily suspended)

A site suspended reflects the individual's current situation, drive and/or determination to succeed. Hopefully, they will reconnect! Sites are held in suspended for a minimum of one year. Then, they may be removed without further notice.

Sites are available upon request, for reasonable fees.

contact webmaster@gsiservices.com for information.

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