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Thank you for your interest in my books and my bio!

I firmly believe there are at least two kinds of writers. Those with a wide variety of life experiences to draw from, and those with very creative minds. I come from the former, and hope, as does every writer, to capitalize on the latter. So, what kind of experience to I draw from? How about a list:


BSEE Electrical Engineering, MS Psych (And endured a year of analysis because of it- one of the very few crossovers!)

Three years in Electrical Engineering, where I could not believe anyone could move that slowly... Which, as you might guess, could drive an ADHD like me completely nuts!

Eleven years California Highway Patrol, where I could not believe anyone could drive that fast! The advantage being that I was the hunter of the human mind... and good at it! but, to give an ADHD a .357 Magnum and a one hundred and fifty mile an hour patrol car? Good grief!

Three years Motivational Speaker and Seminar Leader for Positive Living Seminars (Developed by Zig Ziglar and Norman Vincent Peale)- Might as well benefit from all that training and counseling.

Thirty plus years self employed, President of The PEAC SYSTEM, INC, a company dedicated to the productivity and success of headhunting (HH), not the South American kind, the business kind, broken up as follows:

          a. My own HH firm for five years- squeezed out in one other bad economic period

          b. Consultant to the HH industry, helping to build multiple offices, hire quality people, train and develop recruiters, sales personnel, management and owners for successful offices and companies.

          c. Authored and developed The PEAC SYSTEM, an instrument to help identify the strengths and weaknesses of the desk level performers, thus helping in productivity and curbing costly turnover. Now in nine countries (English speaking, only).

          d. Author of over forty magazine articles on hiring, selection, management and consulting, primarily for the HH industry, employment and HR publications.

Fiction Breakthrough!

Contributing author of a published children's cookbook, a collection of short fiction stories designed to encourage children to take an interest in cooking, healthy eating and helping in the kitchen.